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What to bring

Ski and Sail | Explorer Cruise

Obligatory/Mandatory equipment is, of course, required and you will not have the opportunity to go for a hike without. We recommend that you bring the following equipment:

• Avalanche Beacon (Mandatory)
• Showel (Mandatory)
• Avalanche probe (Mandatory)

• Helmet (Highly recommended) 
• Daypack suitable for use on ski / snowboard hikes
• Winter clothing (shell clothing, intermediate layer, down jacket and wool underwear)
• Hat and gloves
• Water bottle (enough water for a day to the summit)
• Thermos, cups and possibly cutlery (if you plan to bring your own drytech food for lunch)
• Skins
• Swimwear (Yes, everyone should swim!)
• Toiletries
• First Aid and Gnawing Plaster (to deal with minor injuries such as small cuts etc.)
• Any personal medication (we are from a doctor / pharmacist for 4 days)
• Sunscreen (the sun affects as much on Svalbard as elsewhere)
• Sunglasses and goggles
• Indoor footwear / slippers (To have onboard the ship)
• Warm shoes for use on land (especially for the after-ski J)
• Evening clothes - style: "casual" (Afterski clothes ☺)
• Various snacks / drinks you would like when we`re out on daytime

NB! REMEMBER PASSPORT! Svalbard is not part of the Schengen area and therefore checks on passports will be made when traveling to and from Svalbard. Norwegian citizens do not need to show a passport, but must identify themselves with a driver's license or bank card.

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