Why Svalbard Expeditions

Are you ready to explore one of the most remote place in the world, in combination with beautiful nature, Arctic wilderness and expert guides? Lying far above the Arctic Circle, in the land of the midnight sun, an expedition here gives you pristine wilderness experiences. Svalbard Expeditions is ready to offer you the ultimate adventure!

About us

The idea that was to become Svalbard Expeditions was born in 2012, when we started the land-based festival “Toppturfestivalen” (Ski touring festival). The festival’s aim was to be a small, intimate festival offering lots of great skiing. As the years went by we got the opportunity to move the concept on to a boat, and that´s as beautiful as it gets! Imagine changing your surroundings everyday, and being able to explore new spots outside your window when you wake up the next day! THAT´S what made us move our expeditions to a ship. 

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The people behind

Svalbard Expeditions

The people behind Svalbard Expeditions, Hilde and Thomas, met in Longyearbyen many years ago. They had both been ski touring since the mid-90s, and quickly realised they had the same visions for this kind of tours - a social, laidback arena with lots of good people surrounded by beautiful nature.

Thomas Hukkelås

Manager and Sales

+47 934 29 681


Hilde Fålun Strøm

Expedition Leader

+47 909 22 561

Einar Jenssen

Photo and SkiSail

+47 971 16 647

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