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Why Svalbard Expeditions

Are you ready to explore one of the most remote place in the world, in combination with beautiful nature, Arctic wilderness and expert guides? Lying far above the Arctic Circle, in the land of the midnight sun, an expedition here gives you pristine wilderness experiences. Svalbard Expeditions is ready to offer you the ultimate adventure!

About us

The idea of Svalbard Expeditions was born in 2012, when the land-based festival “Toppturfestivalen” (Ski touring festival) started. The festival’s aim was to be a small, intimate festival offering lots of great skiing. As the years went by we got the opportunity to move the concept on to a boat, and that´s as beautiful as it gets! Imagine changing your surroundings everyday, and being able to explore new spots outside your window when you wake up the next day!? THAT´S what made us move our expeditions to a ship, and we look forward to showing you our polar playground. 

Svalbard Expeditions, Svalbard Ski and S

The people behind

Svalbard Expeditions

The people behind Svalbard Expeditions, Hilde and Thomas, met in Longyearbyen many years ago. They had both been ski touring since the mid-90s, and quickly realised they had the same visions for this kind of tours - a social, laidback arena with lots of good people surrounded by beautiful nature. Einar has been our multi-tool, if we couldn´t fix it, he could! 

Hilde is now the sole owner of Svalbard Expeditions and the Expedition Leader onboard like pervious years.

Svalbard Expeditions, Svalbard Ski and S

Hilde Fålun Strøm

Manager and sales

+47 909 22 561

Svalbard Expeditions, Svalbard Ski and S

Thomas Hukkelås

Svalbard Expeditions, Svalbard Ski and S

Einar Jenssen

Are you ready for your next adventure?

What makes us special

About the guides

As soon as you set your foot in Longyearbyen, you’ll realise there is one major difference from your usual skiing mekkas of Chamonix, Sogndal or Beaver Creek: there are polar bears on Svalbard!


That’s why we’ve gathered some of the best guides around to join us on our trip. The guide in charge is an UIAGM and IFMGA-certified guide, and the rest are local ski guides with lots of experience.


Svalbard is unique, both with its location and its polar bear presence, so we also take pride in having guides with a lot of local knowledge on board, making sure we do not disturb or put polar bears or ourself at risk. Furthermore, all guides must undertake and pass a shooting test prior to the expedition, as they will be carrying rifles on the trips.


On the boat we also have a meteorologist, who will help us interpret the sometimes fickle weather of Svalbard, and give us the best advice for where to go for pristine conditions.

Svalbard Expeditions and sustainability

Longyearbyen is the northernmost city in the world, having been awarded the label “Sustainable destination.” Having this label does not mean the destination actually is sustainable, but it is an important tool for committing businesses to a more sustainable direction, reducing footprints and greenhouse gas emissions. The energy in Longyearbyen comes no longer from coal! Since October 19th 2023.
You can do your part too!

Travel less, stay longer, eat local food and support an energy shift where you live.

The Svalbard nature is vulnerable and there is a delicate balance between protection and exploration. Maybe one of the easiest things you can do, to add value to your trip and to Svalbard, is to think about what you bring, make a carbon offset donatin and don’t rush it! Take the time to really embrace beautiful Svalbard by arriving one or two days prior to the expedition. Explore the Arctic silence, try out the local skiareas with our guides, the great restaurants and pubs in Longyearbyen and check out some of the activities the local tour operators have to offer.

Ski touring is a great non-motorised activity, but did you know Longyearbyen has lots more? Kayaking, dog sledding or hiking are fun things to try out before or after joining the Ski & Sail. We know what the town has to offer, so don’t hesitate to email us with your wishes, and we’ll help you tailor the adventure of your lifetime.

Furthermore, choose local food! The Svalbard reindeer tastes fantastic -  and cod from the fjord tells an exciting story about the island’s trapping and hunting traditions.
Read and respect the Svalbard Guidelines

The Svalbard guidelines[1]  are a set of guidelines we want you to read prior to your trip in order to prepare for your visit. Small, but important things, that help us take care of the pristine, but vulnerable Arctic landscape.

“I’ve been to the mountains before,” you might think. “I know how to behave.” Well, maybe, but Svalbard is different. That’s why we want you to visit! So you can fall in love, too. With the mountains. The snow. The glacier fronts. The bird mountains. So you understand, and will help us protect it.

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Hilde will also share her passion about these vulnerable areas and her 19 months expedition at Bamsebu

Why Svalbard Expeditions

Are you ready to explore some of the most remote ski slopes in the world, in combination with beautiful nature, Arctic wilderness and expert guides? Lying far above the Arctic Circle, in the land of the midnight sun, an expedition here gives you pristine wilderness experiences. Svalbard Expeditions is ready to offer you the ultimate adventure!


Explore Longyearbyen before you start your adventure

Svalbard offers more than just skiing. Longyearbyen, the main town, has around 2400 inhabitants, but despite its small size, there’s plenty to do, and highly advisable to spend a few extra days in the city. Check out the  skiareas around Longyearbyen with our expert guides, but after another magical skiday  - maybe the world’s northernmost - brewery, one of the pubs on the main street or one of the many restaurants offering anything from hamburgers to fine dining and local produced food.


No wifi while sailing = great connection


Hang on? No wifi? Are you serious? As soon as the ship heads out of Isfjorden and people lose their phone coverage, another type of connection emerges. The human connection. People talk. They make eye contact. They stay in the conversations. New friendships are made. To have wonderful outdoor experiences without your mobile going off every other minute, is something a lot of participants remember with joy from the trip!


Exotic Arctic, and it’s yours


Norway offers a lot of wonderful places to ski, but one of the highlights of Svalbard is that there are hardly any people here! Furthermore, by going on a ship, we have remote areas from Krossfjorden in the north to Hornsund in the south as our potential playground, and we choose the nicest slopes with the best conditions.


We team you up with other people at the same level- expert, intermediate or beginner, and in small groups of 6, you and your guide (with proper polar bear protection!), can head out for some fun Arctic skiing!

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